Marketing Strategy Session

Receive a customized marketing "crank" to spit out prospects on demand. Includes the ideal way to sell your product, where you get your prospects from, exactly what your irresistible offer is, and what resources you need to build your marketing crank. 

You receive:

  • a suggested overview of the ideal funnel(s) which will work best for your unique product or service
  • language suggestions to directly enter the conversation your prospect is having in their head (including a detailed list of power words and emotional hot buttons)
  • in-depth avatar research and identification documents to use for targeting your campaigns
  • Recommendation for product & offers, including up/down/cross sells where applicable (this is your “Product Roadmap” to driving record-breaking revenue)
  • Ideas for lead generation for your campaign(s)
  • List of assets and resources needed to carry out your marketing campaign
  • Copywriting strategy and a refinement of your core message

This is the system you will use build all your future marketing messages, copy, and campaigns. If you desire to hire us for Custom Crafted Copy, you will receive a $500 discount as a rebate after your strategy session. 

Custom Crafted Done for You Copy

After nailing down your marketing strategy, funnel, and getting crystal clear about your customer avatar, we'll send you a proposal for custom-crafted copy specifically designed for your market. 

Unlike most large agencies, we never use templates. 

What you get is the best copy for your business, your market, and your customer to motivate them to buy. 

We specialize in "done-for-you" product launches, highly motivating email campaigns, sales webinar scripts, VSL's, and more. 

Prices depend on the scale and scope of the project. 

Ongoing Monthly Services

Win over even your most skeptical prospects by providing delightful and riveting infotainment, tidbits of usable value, and a way to buy your products with ease.  

Our emails are completely customized to your audience using our deep dive market language research system.  No two emails are ever the same. 

People LOVE to buy from people...and our 3, 5, or 7 email per week packages will bring you closer to your list than ever before, and have them feel like they are buying from a friend.  To learn more, schedule a Strategy Session.