About Live Bliss marketing


  • Mastermind customer journey through current products and implement strategies to capture leads, convert them, and nurture customers through longer-term sales processes.
  • Developed the 6-pillar approach to holistic marketing for maximum income and longevity.
  • Created and led implementation for online product launches for companies in holistic health, spiritual mastery, business consulting, personal developmentyoga teacher training, and more.
  • Doubled sales conversions f​rom 1.5% to 3% for a Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute.
  • Completely sold out 4 major events for an 8-figure bank consulting company, resulting in over $1M in revenue from the stage.​​​​
  • Nearly tripled sales and lead generation for an e-commerce company specializing in baby-wearing devices.
  • Winner of 3 major online advertising controls (beating out the current ad with over 22% click through rates) for companies in online dating, elderly care, and herbal remedies.

Lindsay Sacks: 

I believe that small businesses can change the world.  I help entrepreneurs and small business succeed in spreading their messages and ideas, attracting and converting customers, and ultimately growing a significant following through strategic marketing plans encompassing all aspects of digital marketing, including Direct Sales, Paid Advertising, Space Ads, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Webinars, Lead Generation, Product Launches, Product Launch Formula™,  ASK Method™, and more.

I am an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and a Certified Digital Marketer.  I have 21 years of business experience and often serve as a business and marketing coach and consultant to my entrepreneurial clients in the course of my work on their marketing strategy.  

Inspired, logical and emotionally driven (empathetic) marketing and copywriting strategy is my superpower, and a major skill that sets me apart from other copywriters.  I know what works right this minute for many different industries, including: Transformative technologies, health and wellness, personal development, thought leaders, business consulting,  B2B marketing, information marketing, and more.  I study marketing campaigns 2 hours per day, 7 days a week to find innovative techniques to help my clients do two things: Make More Impact and Make More Money!

I find Lifecycle Marketing to be the basic building block of small business marketing success.  With all the hats a small business owner must wear, processes must be in place to ensure that leads are continuously attracted, leads are converting into customers, and customers are not falling away without providing recommendations to their friends. I create strategies that integrate all facets of Lifecycle Marketing and maximize sales every single day.

Collective Education, Courses, & Favorite Books

  • Breakthrough Advertising - Eugene Schwartz
  • Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula
  • Digital Marketer Certified
  • InfusionSoft Certified
  • CopyHour - Derek Johanson
  • Building a Storybrand - Donald Miller
  • 1+ years hand copying proven sales copy
  • ASK - Ryan Levesque
  • Mastermind to Millions - Jay Fiset
  • CopyChief Member