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Secret Copywriting Technique Reveals 7 Steps To Instant “Insider” Status With Your Ideal Market!

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What We Can Do For You

Attraction Marketing Strategy Session

A funnel is NOT a Marketing Strategy... 

Work with us 1-on-1 to develop a personalized long-term, multi-dimensional strategy using our proven, proprietary Full-Circle Attraction Marketing Approach.

Done-for-You Copy

We believe authentic voices attract real, long-term clients.
We never use templates.   All our writing is original and based on proven, time-tested principles of persuasion, written in your authentic voice. 

Monthly Email Packages

Perfect for memberships and evergreen offers. Nurture your list with soft-sell, story-based emails to create consistent conversions and maximum profits. 

Your Passion is service

You are helping transform the world toward higher purpose and alignment, peak performance and health, awakening and prosperity...

Your desire is to reach a wider audience, make a greater impact, and make more money to create more change in the world…

Yet you are constantly dragged away from what you truly love to do...and forced to figure out how best to sell and market your services and how to quickly expand your reach to create greater momentum and financial freedom in your business...

You need the proven expertise of an established marketing and copywriting team who truly understands your mission, your market, and your industry… who is dedicated to making sure you have a constant stream of prospects and sales to increase your impact and power up your profits.

Our passion is your success…

What makes us the right fit?

In the world of copy and paste, real ideas are hard to come by… and how do you know if someone truly understands you? How do you know someone gets what you are doing and what your “big mission” in life is?

We are the right fit because we understand what you are doing. Although we are interested in helping you make more money, and get more customers, we do marketing because we know when you succeed, the world is made better for it and our impact is exponentially increased.

The world needs positive, conscious-minded people now, more than ever before, to STEP UP and LEAD.

How To Work With us?

Step 1: “Clients on Command” Marketing Strategy Intensive - Get clear on the voice, vision, avatar, campaign, offer and timing. 50% of the cost may be applied to done for you copy. Contact us to schedule a strategy intensive.

Step 2: Custom Crafted Done-for-You Copywriting Products and Services 

Step 3: Ongoing partnership with copy optimization and continuous strategy refinement - Monthly Retainer Services


 Trevor "Toe Cracker" Crook 


Toecracker.com; Mentor, Copywriter, International Speaker on Advertising & Marketing


WARNING: Don't Hire Lindsay Sacks Unless You Want To Quickly Be The Leader In Your Niche

The copy Lindsay creates can give you the competitive edge you've been looking for.

She possesses the right balance of all THE critical elements high converting sales copy needs together with razor sharp originality to help you create breakthrough promotions so good... your competition might just consider holding a close down sale.

Her uncanny ability to get the right voice, find the hook and deliver sales copy which gets your ideal customers wanting to whip out their credit card and invest in your products or services at your price.. will be your smartest investment to date.

As her mentor, I see every piece of copy she writes before her clients do. And I'm tough on copywriters and I don't give testimonials unless 100%  earned. 

Ben Settle


BenSettle.com, World Leader in Email Copywriting


Lindsay is a dedicated student of my ways, and I have watched her go from struggling with emails to writing emails for top industry names. I recommend her to people I know.

Raffi Elliott


What we liked about working with Lindsay was her ability to immerse herself in the field she was writing for. She needs to feel like she believes in the concept you’re working on in order to help you. This helps her understand what a typical client would like to hear from you, as you’ll notice from her writing. We also appreciated the continued follow-ups, and brilliant suggestions.

Jessica Yarborough

CEO Babe

I was hesitant about paying a copywriter. After all, I am a digital marketing expert and know good copy when I see it. And I had heard stories about people saying they were copywriters and then using worn out templates that sounded like everyone else.

Lindsay is the real deal. She does a deep dive into exactly who your target market is and then creates compelling copy that can speak to their specific pains and needs. Her copy is solid and it converts. Best of all she provides excellent coaching about everything from product launches to social media marketing as well.
​​​​Most of all she is professional. If you are looking for a talented copywriter to take your product or services to the next level then I highly recommend Lindsay.

questions we are asked most often:

How do you make my Brand Voice unique?

My customers are different...they don’t want to be sold to...how do you sell without sounding salesy?

How do you come up with the marketing strategy?

Do you build websites and funnels?

Do you guarantee your copy?

Secret Copywriting Technique Reveals 7 Steps To Instant “Insider” Status With Your Ideal Market!

Sign up below to discover 7 unique ways to target your ideal market.

When you enter your name and email into the form above you agree to join our mailing list. We will never share your information.